Meet CRGroup’s Management Team

Dr. Vijay Jog

Founder & President

Dr. Vijay Jog is the founder and President of CRGroup. Dr. Jog is a leading authority in corporate value creation and performance improvement. With over two decades of experience in both the public and private sector, Dr. Jog provides a unique perspective…Read more

Anant Rege

Senior Technical Architect

Anant Rege provides expertise in software applications design, development, and implementation. He is a specialist in seamless interfaces and third-party integration. With over 20 years of experience in software applications design, development, and implementation, Anant…Read more

Aparna Rege

Manager, Software Solutions Architect

Aparna Rege is responsible for the maintenance, enhancement and technical support for all the third-party products that integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Additionally, she manages the development of all new CRGroup third-party products…Read more

Doug Hum

Director, Marketing & Business Development

Doug Hum brings over 20 years of financial, technical, consulting and business experience to CRGroup. He is responsible for all business development and partner relationship management activities. Doug combines a great business sense with more than a…Read more

Louise Harris

Senior Solutions Architect

Louise Harris provides expertise in designing, developing and implementing applications and reporting solutions for customers. Since joining CRGroup in 1995, she has led many complex development projects. In particular, Louise has in-depth knowledge…Read more

John Smith

Director, Enterprise Business Solutions

John Smith leads the ERP and CRG emPerform business units at CRGroup, focusing on the delivery of business systems and solutions in all sectors. John joined CRGroup in 2003 and is a key member of the CRGroup leadership team. His career spans both finance and strategic human…Read more

Corporate Renaissance Group: Driving Business Growth and Improved Performance Since 1989

“We do not write reports that sit on the shelf! We use our extensive knowledge and experience to provide you with proven, actionable solutions to your business challenges.”

– Dr. Vijay Jog. Founder & President of CRGroup

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