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All-in-One Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics Solutions

A flexible, intuitive and ready to use solution offering pre-built and easily customizable dashboard reports.

What can BI4Dynamics do for your business?

Get in-depth business insight with ready-to-use Power BI or Excel dashboards connected to Data warehouse. BI4Dynamics can help you visualize over 1500 KPIs,  and is customizable without the hassle of complex customizations.

  • Unparalleled flexibility that allows your team to be in control of the BI project.
  • Superior out of the box BI developed, especially for Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Ready-to-use Business Intelligence solution built on 15 years of BI and Microsoft Dynamics experience

Out-Of-Box Reports -BI4Dynamics

BI4Dynamics is out-of-the-box ready to use

Ready-to-use Business Intelligence solution built on 15 years of BI and Microsoft Dynamics experiences on thousands of projects.
  • Cover all Microsoft Dynamics application areas! BI4Dynamics generates Data Warehouse with 1,500+ measures, dimensions, and attributes from 150+ Dynamics tables.
  • BI4Dynamics brings you up to speed with plug-and-play Power BI and Excel dashboards so you can start analyzing your data from all your devices.

Flexibility at your fingertips

Automatically generate tens of thousands of rows of SQL code that builds a corporate data warehouse,  cubes, and project documentation with a click. BI4Dyanmics is ready to go and creates 100% modifiable SQL Scripts for businesses who need tailored options.

  • Join any combination of data sources from NAV 2009 to BC 16 and from AX 2009 to FO
  • Add multiple companies and currencies to a single Datawarehouse for a global overview
  • Easily create industry-specific dashboards 



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Why should you be using BI4Dynamics?


The whole team can use it, without the struggle of a learning curve.

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No hassle set up means you’ll be up and running in no time.

Established Solution

BI4Dynamics is built on 15 years of experience helping 1000+ clients

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