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Unparalleled Business Expertise

With over 30 years of experience and a highly tenured team of business, finance and technology consultants, we can help your company boost performance and results across every area of business. From strategy to execution, we work with you to design and implement a plan that is best suited to your business and growth goals.

Facilitate the development of business and action plans. Learn more.

Create Sustainable Plans to Increase Value and Positioning in the Marketplace. Learn more.

Determine what value is within your organization and how it will be achieved. Learn more.

Fully comprehend the costs associated with delivering your products and services. Learn more.

Data by itself is not useful. Compile the data and apply it. Learn more.

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Create Sustainable Plans to Increase Value and Positioning in the Marketplace

Our consulting experience spans a wide range of industries and company types, allowing us to help design and facilitate a strategic process that suits your company.

Strategy design and planning cannot be the usual approach. Every business needs a value proposition, a ‘claim to fame’ and this is where we start. We create a plan to leverage the claim to fame and gain management buy-in to enable execution.

Get started implementing real, lasting change.

Our Approach

  • The Now: Accessing the current situation
  • The Future: Planning for the long-term
  • The How: Executing Strategies & Plans

Corporate Performance Management

Businesspeople on laptop

Our goal is to provide the concepts, design and tools necessary to incentivize and motivate the entire workforce starting with the executive compensation.

The Methodology

Beginning with a comprehensive value circle assessment, our aim is to:

  • INFORM by means of detailed executive briefings
  • INSTRUCT with hands-on managerial training
  • INTERPRET by using proven technology and business intelligence data
  • IMPLEMENT using leading-edge tools and techniques, an analytical framework, and a comprehensive communications platform


CRGroup’s Value Based Management (VBM) process is designed to improve enterprise value. In order to improve enterprise performance, an organization must define ‘value’.

Rather than focussing only on executive management, CRGroup works with clients to successfully implement strategy through the participation of the workspace. This is done through storyboarding workshops at the executive and middle management levels, and through personal interaction and training for staff of all levels.

The Level 7 Interventions:

  • Assessment of vision /mission and the competitive landscape
  • Strategy, planning, understanding and refining levers of performance
  • Establishing a monitoring and reporting mechanism that is transparent and linked to strategy
  • Ensuring that decision-makers have the right information at their fingertips
  • Talent management and succession planning and employee performance platform
  • Creating a line of sight metrics and initiatives and establishing a RACI framework
  • Linking metrics and objectives to incentives
  • Evaluating and implementing (when required) business information systems including collaboration platforms.

Dedicated Customer Services & Support at Every Stage

Business Intelligence

Companies have islands of data spread across multiple systems and data sources, which can make it difficult to achieve a unified view of data. We call them DRIPs — Data Rich but Information Poor.

We will help enable full usage of your data for an improved business function.

  • Scorecards and Strategy Maps
  • KPI and Dashboard identification and Design
  • Data Warehouse
  • Geospatial and Map-Based Reporting
  • Sales and Marketing Analytics
  • Supply Chain and Operations
  • Web Analytics

Profitability Analytics

Activity-Based Costing and Management is the foundation for a better understanding of the “true” profitability of products and services. By matching costs more closely with activities and processes that trigger them, you can have enhanced decision-making. ABC and ABM are most relevant to companies where “indirect costs/overheads” solidify a larger share of costs

We offer effective solutions for costing such as:

  • Cost Allocator
  • FlexABM – based on principles of Activity Based Costing (ABC) and management (ABM).

Cloud Migration

Automatic updates, a secured environment and data accessible from anywhere with a wifi connection? The cloud is the way of the future and it will soon become a non-negotiable for enterprises. We can help plan your roadmap to modernization that cover everything from the technical implementation to the people-oriented change management.

Leverage the cloud across your business

  • unprecedented flexibility & scalability
  • easier maintenance
  • improved user experience
  • cost savings
  • time savings and reduced dependency on IT