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Add-Ons for Dynamics GP

 Enhance the Capabilities of Your GP System!

CRGroup Add-On Solutions for Dynamics GP were created to help users extend and enhance the capabilities of their GP systems.

Using years of experience implementing, maintaining, and customizing Dynamics GP, CRGroup add-ons offer easy-to-use functionality to help tackle common data and setup challenges faced by users.

Easy-to-use Add-Ons to help with common challenges faced by GP users:

Do you need to consolidate multiple GP entities?

Have you outgrown your current GP chart of accounts?

Need to combine multiple companies in Dynamics GP?

Wish you could re-format your GP account framework?

We Have an Add-On for that!

Explore our add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics GPkeyboard with tools key. Updates to CRG Changer & Re-Formatter will be available soon for GP 2023 (18.6). CRG AA Tools and Merger Series are no longer supported after version 2022 (18.5)

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CRG Changer

CRG Changer™ allows you to change, merge and combine your codes and data, ensuring your business management system operates at optimum efficiency.

Company Combiner

Consolidate all companies in Dynamics GP using CRG Company Combiner.

AA Tools:

AA Tools were designed to help maximize your investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP by facilitating the setup and ongoing maintenance of Dynamics Analytical Accounting™.

Only supported for GP 18.5 and before.


Re-Formatter seamlessly reformats the Account Framework instantaneously altering the format of all data.

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Explore Our Other Solutions!

cost allocator album

CRG Cost Allocator

CRG Cost Allocator is a flexible and efficient costing application that performs multi-level step-down cost allocations by percentage, fixed value, cost drivers, or balances in other accounts to determine true costs and profitability. It automatically connects to various General Ledgers and creates journal entries.

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CRG FlexABM is a proven enterprise-wide activity-based costing and management (ABC/M) solution that identifies the true cost of all activities and provides decision-makers with the analytical tools, models, and methodologies to effectively evaluate business processes.