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AA Tools

Enhance Your Dynamics GP Analytical Accounting Module!

AA Tools were designed to help maximize your investment in Microsoft Dynamics™ GP by facilitating the setup and ongoing maintenance of GP Analytical Accounting™.

Developed using our expertise in Dynamics GP and years of successful Analytical Accounting consulting and implementations. AA Tools offers add-on functionality to simplify the management of Analytical Accounting tasks.

AA Tools Available:

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Maximize your Analytical Accounting Investment

  • Convert GL account segment values to AA dimension codes
  • Streamline your chart of accounts
  • Change and merge AA transaction dimension codes
  • Backfill AA transaction dimension codes in scheduled batches


AA Segment Converter

As a GP, user you already know that the system accommodates a multi-segment GL account string. In the days before Analytical Accounting, reporting dimensions could only be tracked by creating additional segments in the Chart of Accounts. With AA Segment Converter, you can move those segments to Analytical Accounting, including all the historical data tracked against those segments. The benefit is clear – a cleaner more concise COA structure with all the data is still available for reporting and analysis.

  • Streamline your chart of accounts
  • Remove unwanted GL segments by converting them to AA Codes
  • Update existing journal entries with the appropriate AA dimension codes

AA Tools Segment Converter image

Watch CRG AA Segment Converter in Action

AA Backfiller

Defer the entry of AA dimensions and codes to suit your company’s schedule

  • Mass assign AA transaction codes to existing posted GL transactions
  • Streamline your entries by scheduling repeated batch assignments at desired intervals
  • assign a Transaction Dimension Code directly to the Journal Entries

AA Backfiller will help save you time by reducing the number of AA dimension and code assignments that are needed during transaction entry.

Watch CRG AA Backfiller in Action:

AA Changer

Has one of your product line codes changed? Looking to combine projects in AA? AA Changer is a useful tool for existing GP Analytical Accounting users who are looking to quickly and easily change or merge existing AA dimension codes. AA Changer complies with AA setup security.

  • Change or merge existing AA dimension codes
  • Updates open & historical transactions to reflect changes
  • Maintain a full history of AA changes for audit purposes

AA Tools Changer UI

Watch CRG AA Changer in Action:

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