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Budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analytics tools drive informed and agile decision making – but having the tools is not enough. In order for a modern business to be competitive, organizational leaders need to be informed and empowered. Developed by IDU, IDU-Concept provides real-time, online access to critical business information in a format that is easy to use and understand by both financial and non-financial managers – unlocking your business’ potential.

IDU-Concept – a leader in the budgeting & planning technology space

IDU-Concept was developed to eliminate barriers to reporting by allowing businesses to leverage existing systems and tools for extensive reporting and data visualizations.

Developed by IDU™, IDU-Concept™ has been named a leader in the budgeting and reporting category and a high performer in the Corporate Performance Management Categories of the G2 Crowd™ Fall 2019 Report, as well as being named one of the top financial planning applications by Gartner®.

IDU-Concept streamlines the financial budgeting, forecasting and reporting process – freeing up financial managers to be more strategic and agile. Financial budgeting is an essential part of every successful business. By providing reliable access to defined and disclosed budgets, IDU-Concept allows financial and non-financial managers to be in control of their accounts at all times.

Now, non-financial managers can easily give you the figures you need, in a standardized format that can be rolled-up into a single version of the truth. You bypass the ineffective, time-consuming, and tedious spreadsheet go-round, shaving weeks and months off the budget cycle in the process. And, importantly, by providing increased visibility and transparency, especially of business strategy, you foster buy-in to, and ownership of, the budget.

Key features:
• Interfaces with all common ERPs
• Multiple views of data
• Online real-time aggregation of multiple structures
• Administration rights owned by finance
• Tight user security
• Easy to use
• Easy to manage
• Quick to deploy

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Financial Budgeting & Forecasting

When it comes to budgeting for your business, time is of the essence. Can you afford for your financial department to spend precious hours chasing down budget information, when they should be spending their time on the more valuable task of financial analysis instead? Or for your line managers to spend days or weeks compiling budgets when they should be selling?

Enable your business by creating a culture of ownership. Start at grass- roots level by building an inclusive vision of where your business should be and what it needs to get there. We’re talking budgets!  IDU-Concept is available in Light, Standard and Enterprise editions, offering a tiered solution to meet client requirements. 

IDU-Concept Financial Budgeting Module

Without the right tools, budgeting can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Our system eliminates the pitfalls of spreadsheet-based budgeting and reduces the number of iterations involved in the budget cycle. By using IDU-Concept, companies have been able to reduce their budget cycle by up to 70%.

Instead of consolidating, correcting and disseminating spreadsheets, your finance department can focus on important issues such as the budget process, financial anomalies and providing financial guidance and direction to non-financial managers. 

IDU-Concept Revenue Budgeting Module

Are you still preparing your revenue budgets centrally? Improve the accuracy, efficiency and buy-in by harnessing your teams’ knowledge and expertise in the revenue budgeting process.  

IDU-Concept offers an online, easy-to-use performance management tool that allows users to capture revenue budgets at a customer and product level with real-time aggregation and management.

Financial Reporting

IDU-Concept Financial Reporting Module 

Consolidate financial data and deliver timely insights that drive business goals. IDU-Concept’s sophisticated and innovative reporting and analytics offers high-level, real-time access to critical business information enabling informed, evidence-based decision making. This intuitive toolset provides a 360 degree view of the data, putting the most important metrics in one place and in real time. The real value of capturing a budget or forecast is only realized once the actual spend is brought to book and compared against the budget or forecast. With IDU-Concept, you can keep track of actuals as they occur, while also analyzing your data against existing budgets.

The IDU-Concept Financial Reporting Module acts as a two-way interface between the budget and general ledger system. As an optional module to the IDU-Concept Financial Budgeting Module, it offers additional features for daily, weekly and monthly financial reporting. The Financial Reporting Module will complement the general ledger and streamline the management reporting process, creating transparency and business manager ownership.

Key features:
• Variances explained by the user online
• User identified recodes and accruals
• Automatic recode uploads to financials
• Drill down to transactional level and beyond
• Multiple structures provide multiple analysis views
• Microsoft BI enabled (plus others!)
• Configurable email alerts can be set
• All metrics in one place, in real time & across devices

Sales & Operational Planning

Are you still preparing your S&OP budgets centrally?

Improve accuracy, efficiency and buy-in by harnessing your teams’ knowledge and expertise in the S&OP budgeting process.
IDU-Concept offers an online, easy-to-use performance management tool that allows users to capture S&OP budgets at a customer and product level with real-time aggregation and management.


Key features:
• Drastically reduces budget timeframes
• Budget by customer and product with a seamless link to the financials
• Drive multiple component calculations from a single input
• Component based complex calculations
• Flow through calculations
• Empowers the sales personnel to take ownership of their budgets
• Real time budget and forecast analysis by multiple structures
• Ability to budget for sales budgets and sales targets simultaneously

Reporting & Analytics

The IDU-Concept S&OP Reporting Module is a two-way interface between the budget and S&OP ledger systems. It allows for real-time interaction with S&OP data and enables users to comment on and analyze variances between anticipated revenue outcomes and those that have actually transpired. The module builds on the advances achieved through the IDU-Concept S&OP Budgeting interface, and enables the reporting of daily, weekly and monthly revenue information to managers via the web.

Key features:
• Sales Personnel can comment on actual versus budget variances
• Solution lends itself to interactive reviews, not just with employees but also with customers
• Sales personnel can react to variances
• Actual vs budget in units and in values
• Layout profiles allow onscreen analysis of variances by price and volume

Revenue budgets


“We have completed our first budget cycle in IDU and the benefits are evident and providing immediate returns. We look forward to continued success in the application of the solution.”

St. Stithians CollegeHead of Finance

“The software has interfaced directly with our job costing software and has provided access to our staff who have now taken ownership of their budgets. The ability to drill down to the financial entries has given a visibility to the actual versus budget results that has been well received by staff at all levels.”

The Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of South Australia Inc. – Financial Officer

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