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Value Based Management

Shareholder Value and Value Based Management

CRGroup’s Value Based Management (VBM) process is designed to improve enterprise value. In order to improve enterprise performance, an organization must define ‘value’. Where traditional business management practices value, a company using only profit and loss or EBITDA value based management focuses on aligning everyday strategic and operating practices with vision, mission and values and linking it to capital intensity of the business.

CRGroup’s methodology is not only aimed at the executive-level during the formulation of a client’s competitive strategy, but also focuses on how to successfully implement the strategy through the participation of the workspace. This is done through storyboarding workshops at executive and middle management levels and through personal interaction and training with managers and employees at all levels.

Our Approach

VBM is our all-encompassing approach to improving enterprise performance and it is our deepest engagement/intervention. It is a clinical review of the enterprise and understanding all the dimensions that have direct influence on firm’s performance. We also call it a Level 7 Enterprise analysis.

The level 7 interventions includes

  • Assessment of vision /mission and the competitive landscape
  • Strategy, planning, understanding and refining levers of performance
  • Establishing a monitoring and reporting mechanism that is transparent and linked to strategy
  • Ensuring that decision makers have the right information at their finger tips
  • Talent management and succession planning and employee performance platform
  • Creating line of sight metrics and initiatives and establishing a RACI framework
  • Linking metric and objectives to incentives
  • Evaluating and implementing (when required) business information systems including collaboration platforms.

Unique vertical solutions and ERP systems

In a Level 7 engagement, we involve members and solutions from multiple business lines of CRGroup. Each team brings its expertise and experience to the table to achieve results in the fastest manner. Our “partnership” approach to these engagements is a key to our success for over 28 years.

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