Doug Hum

Doug Hum

Director, Marketing & Business Development

Doug Hum brings over 20 years of financial, technical, consulting and business experience to Corporate Renaissance Group (CRGroup). He is responsible for all CRGroup marketing and business development.

Doug combines a great business sense with more than a decade of technology experience. He has helped organizations put processes around business practices to identify and control expenditures. Over the last number of years, Doug has been increasingly involved with relationship management in building successful alliances. As the Director of Marketing and Business Development, Doug works closely with the existing CRGroup channels and alliances while looking to further expand globally.

Before rejoining CRGroup, Doug served as the business development manager responsible for a third party developer program at a global telecommunications firm. While working at the telecom firm, he managed to double the number of partners in the program and implemented procedures and ROI tools surrounding the program.

Doug has held other roles within the financial sector where he was responsible for project management, system implementations, development and support of applications. During his career, he has helped organizations identify best practices, managed their data and infrastructure and provided strategic planning.

Doug holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from Carleton University and an Executive MBA from the University of Ottawa.