Anant Rege

Anant Rege

Senior Technical Architect

Anant Rege provides expertise in software applications design, development, and implementation. He is a specialist in seamless interfaces and third-party integration. With over 20 years of experience, Anant is the technical authority for all of CRGroup’s software development projects.

He has been involved in porting applications into next generation user interfaces and single-user applications to network environments, as well as developing installation, compression, and encryption capabilities, and integrating third party ad-hoc applications into CRGroup products. He has broad-based experience in diagnosing and bridging to legacy systems, creating OLAP interfaces to existing systems, as well as devising many other innovative methods of giving an existing IT investment a new lease on life.

Before joining CRGroup, Anant designed and developed software application packages for several companies in India, including a system to aid structural engineers analyze and design floor beams and columns, a relational database to maintain and retrieve published papers and periodicals for an educational institute, and a document tracking system for the State Bank of India.

Anant holds a Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering and is a certified Microsoft Professional.