Watch on Demand: Spring Cleaning for Dynamics GP

De-Clutter Your Chart of Accounts for Better Reporting & System Management

Whether we like it or not, GP can get messy. Legacy frameworks, changing org structures, and multiple companies can make managing GP quite time consuming, and reporting & upgrades/migration almost impossible without manual fixing. The good news is that with just a little elbow grease, you can get your GP structure shining like new.

Whether you are looking to migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central, are trying to upgrade to the latest version of GP, are managing new structures or trying to clean out confusing frameworks that have built up over time – this webinar will give you the practical tips & guidance you can use today to clean it all out.

In this interactive 30 minute webinar with live Q&A, our GP experts will show you how you can polish your GP for upgrades, migration and/or to drastically improve reporting & maintenance.

What you will learn:
• Why GP gets messy over time and how to avoid this.
• How to clean-up your reporting & account structure.
• De-cluttering multiple companies or entities for better reporting.
• How to maintain your chart of accounts for lasting freshness.

Explore CRGroup Solutions for restructuring your GP Chart of Accounts:

AA Tools were designed to help maximize your investment in Microsoft® Dynamics GP™ by facilitating the setup and ongoing maintenance of Dynamics Analytical Accounting™.

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CRG Changer™ allows you to change, merge and combine your codes and data, ensuring your business management system operates at optimum efficiency.

Consolidate all companies in Dynamics GP using CRG Company Combiner.

Re-Formatter seamlessly reformats the Account Framework instantaneously altering the format of all data.

Optimize your COA today.

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