Power BI 101

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Power BI 101: Everything You Need to Know about Getting Started with Microsoft Business Intelligence

Turn Your Data Into Insight with Microsoft Power BI

This on-demand session is designed for individuals interested in getting started with easy, affordable, and powerful reporting, BI, and data visualization. During this 45-minute session, our Power BI experts will walk you through:

  • Understanding the Power BI architecture and licensing
  • How to prepare your data and connections for Power BI
  • How to navigate Power BI and build reports
  • Understanding calculations and expressions
  • How to publish and share your Power BI reports

Power BI 101

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Analytics solutions for your whole organization

Create interactive dashboards and reports that can be easily shared. Using data from a variety of sources allows you to visually view your business in a single dashboard. Meetings will never be the same. Join the Power BI community for support and tips.

Whether in the cloud or on premise, unify your company’s data with Power BI, the affordable business intelligence solution

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Get Started with Power BI

Want to learn more about Power BI or about pricing and costing? Contact us and we will be in touch as soon as possible to get you started with Power BI’s endless possibilities.