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“Finance leaders who are slow to leverage technology simply cannot rise to the same level as those who are fortified by it.”

Dr. Vijay Jog, President – CRGroup

Strategic Financial Management for Today’s Finance Leaders

Few senior executive positions have been or will be subject to as much change as that of the CFO. Gone are the days when compliance, number-crunching and sign-off on budgets were enough.

A CFO must now contribute strategically to business growth.

Today’s CFO is expected to streamline all aspects of traditional finance as well as work dynamically by using data and intelligence to influence decision-making and create more value for the company.

The Path to Becoming a Model CFO

Sales and operational planning with idu Concept

1. Automate Traditional Finance Functions

Using modern technology systems, today’s CFO is expected to free-up the time and resources needed to contribute strategically to business growth. This includes automating enterprise resource planning (ERP), budgeting, planning, forecasting, consolidation and reporting.

Fixed asset management with idu Concept

2. Track Your Customer’s Journey

Having the right information on who the business attracts, what is being sold to whom, customer touchpoints and opportunities for retention or up-selling is critical to business success.

This requires investments in demand-planning or customer relationship management (CRM) technology to track business sales, marketing, account touchpoints and the entire customer journey, as well as reporting and business intelligence systems to uncover trends and insights.

idu Financial Reporting

3. Define KPIs that Will Drive Your Company’s Growth

The easiest way to do this is by asking: “How would you know your business is successful and creating value if I were to take away your profit and loss (P&L) statement and balance sheets?”

If a CFO presents business performance in just dollars and percentages but is unable to provide insights about the business origin of that variance and what can be done about closing the gap, they are missing the opportunity to add strategic value.

Creating a Footprint for High Performance:

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