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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent empowers your HR team and people managers with the tools they need to land top candidates and accelerate their success. As a Gold Microsoft Partner with over 15 years of experience with HR software and talent management, CRGroup is the perfect team to help you evaluate, plan and deploy Dynamics 365 for Talent in your organization.


No business can succeed without motivated, engaged, and skilled talent.

Modern companies need to hire, onboard, and retain people who can deliver impactful results. Transform your company’s candidate and employee experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent. Using the power of Office 365 and LinkedIn, Microsoft Talent can modernize how you attract, hire, onboard, and retain talented people.


Hire the right people, fast – Take control of the hiring process to find, engage, shortlist, and hire the right people.

Transform talent acquisition:

  • Reimagine the hiring experience by connecting recruiters, managers, and interviewers to better collaborate and attract top talent.
  • Find the right people with LinkedIn: seamlessly access real-time candidate information across LinkedIn Recruiter and Attract.
  • Unify candidate profiles, pools, and pipelines: Easily highlight and track candidates who will be great future hires with talent pool tracking.
  • Improve the candidate experience: Help ensure candidates are treated like VIPs and boost your offer acceptance rate.

Build high-performance teams:

  • Enable recruiters and hiring managers to quickly screen and shortlist candidates with skill, personality, and culture-fit assessments.
  • Simplify interviews: Deep integration with Office 365 allows you to automate interview scheduling across stakeholders. Skype integration allows you to interview candidates from across the globe without impacting your cost-to-hire.
  • Accelerate offer acceptance: Increase the accuracy and speed of extending offers to selected candidates with streamlined offer management.
  • Help ensure compliance and extensibility: Empower your hiring team without sacrificing compliant talent acquisition processes. Built-in admin-governed security, reporting, bulk processing, and templates will help you scale while enforcing compliance. Easily personalize and extend the solution without impacting cloud upgrades.


Set up employees for success – Eliminate the anxiety that comes with starting a job and make new hires feel welcome.

Welcome new team members

  • Get your new talent excited about their role and improve engagement from before day one with personalized onboarding guides.
  • Accelerate time-to-impact: Ensure new employees stay focused on impactful priorities with clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and objectives.
  • Establish important connections: Ensure your new team member makes the right cross-functional connections as quickly as possible with easily accessible, detailed contact information.
  • Improve cross-functional collaboration: Cross-functional team members can contribute resources and add tasks within onboarding guides to ensure they have everything they need to adjust to their new role quickly and smoothly.
  • Ensure talent success: Create onboarding guide templates for different roles that can be easily replicated as you build out your team.

Core HR:

Create a connected employee experience

Give your managers and employees core HR capabilities in a single location that streamline processes and create programs that optimize workforce costs, deliver business impact, and drive an agile, high-performance culture

  • Empower managers and employees: Foster self-service and collaboration, increate retention with career paths and elevate performance and feedback
  • Drive human resource excellence: Streamline processes, make sound decisions based on analysis, personalize your solution
  • Strengthen your core HR programs: Redefine benefits administration, improve compensation management, simplify leave and absence reporting
  • Improve collaboration and share insights: Deliver HR impact from anywhere, anytime, on any device and centralize data

Your Trusted Partner for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

As an award-winning Microsoft Partner with over 20 year’s of experience in the HR space, CRGroup is the perfect partner to help you evaluate, implement and optimize Dynamics 365 for Talent. Contact us to get started.


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Our team of Dynamics and HR experts are here to help you succeed with Microsoft Talent.

  • Highly trained and certified consulting and project management team
  • Commitment to knowing your business and understanding your unique challenges
  • Exceptional project and change management experience
  • Straightforward, honest, open communication
  • One-on-one and group training with a patient and relaxed approach
  • Support beyond go-live to ensure you get the most out of your Dynamics 365 system!

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