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Power-Up Your Jira Know-How!

CRGroup is pleased to bring you the Take 20 Jira Power Series – Webinars geared towards helping you take your Jira usability, efficiency and performance to the next level with expert tips, tricks and best practices from the CRGroup team.

During these 20 minute sessions, we cover quick tips, tricks, and best-practices to help optimize your investment in Jira.

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If you are like most companies, the standard ‘to-do, in-progress, and completed’ workflows in Jira likely don’t reflect the unique stages in your projects and tasks. This means you’ll have to create custom workflows or edit existing workflows to ensure everything stays on-track.

This informative session will go over the basics of understanding workflows in Jira and how anyone can become a Jira workflow wizard by learning the fundamentals.

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Jira is a vastly powerful tool for managing your organization’s projects. We’ve compiled a list of Jira tips and tricks that will help improve your team’s experience when using Jira and significantly boost productivity.

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Dashboards have the capability of empowering users to turn their data in to insight and have more informed decision making.

In this session we’ll go over some of the best practices of creating amazing dashboards that will help answer your organization’s pressing questions.

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Ready to take your Jira to the next level?

Join us for this quick introduction to Jira Service desk and how this simple yet powerful solution can transform team collaboration and customer experience. See how companies are using Service Desk to link IT with development in one platform to fix incidents faster and push changes with confidence.

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Jira is already a powerful tool, but when combined with the rest of your existing tools such as SharePoint, it helps break down barriers and unleash the power of collaboration in your team. In this session we’ll cover how to connect your Jira software with your existing SharePoint for more robust collaboration capabilities.

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