Information Technology

Seamless IT Performance Management Integration

For IT managers, measuring the performance of their cost-center-like department is particularly difficult.  As technology and the associated landscape continues to change at a rapid pace, it has become imperative for managers to understand the impact IT investments have on the bottom line in both prospect and retrospect.  At the same time, IT managers must monitor project progress, maintenance costs, up-times, customer service, and security. The CIO needs to convey how all of these moving parts contribute to the accomplishment of business objectives. With our solutions, all of it can be done efficiently, allowing your organization to look ahead and stay ahead.

By using a solution with a highly flexible design capability and full reporting kit, managers may integrate data from across the organization to create a single version of the truth.  A full reporting kit allows managers to easily set up a monitoring framework with automatic refresh to keep an eye on the day-to-day, while using other custom applications for long term investment planning.


  • Integrate financial and non-financial data from all systems to create a single data repository for reporting
  • Easily build interactive reports and dashboards
  • Create effective, easy-to-use IT scorecards
  • Calculate project ROIs using detailed, custom-built calculators
  • Forecast resource allocation decisions under multiple scenarios with quick copy-over procedures and version locking
  • Efficiently monitor day-to-day operational KPIs such as capacity, response time, uptime, breach attempts, and satisfaction
  • Manage and forecast maintenance costs and use scenario analysis to determine whether to maintain or replace critical systems
  • Allocate IT expenses to other businesses accurately using activity/cost driver data and root out non-value added activity
  • Shape and share the big picture concerning IT expenditures and investments by enabling a fact-based visibility throughout the enterprise and demonstrating IT value with respect to business objectives
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