Introducing Rapidstart

This information-packed video will introduce you to Rapidstart, CRGroup’s newest solution for easy-to-use and cost effective budgeting, planning & reporting for Dynamics partners, users, and small to medium-sized businesses in any industry. See how Rapidstart can help your company get rolling with the centralized planning, fast consolidation and flexible reporting you have always dreamed of.

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Why Choose Rapidstart?

Low Cost, No Risk

Get a sophisticated budgeting and forecasting solution, self-service reporting, and planning without the need for lengthy, expensive services. With a low annual subscription cost, there is little risk.

Speed, Agility & Accuracy

Rapidstart is simple to use and maintain. It requires no modelling or technical skills to maintain and provides intuitive built-in functionality that helps you get started in record time – typically less than 10 days.

Customized to Your Business

With a multiple scenario creator and the ability to configure all settings, Rapidstart supports multiple models, categories and calculation methods, and can grow with your business.

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Introduction to Rapidstart