Health and Emergency Medical Services

Health and Emergency Medical Services

In the fast-paced world of Medical Services, it is more challenging than ever to tie operational level performance to corporate financial results. HQ must focus on providing the highest level of patient care while also maintaining efficiency, compliance, and accuracy in planning and reporting.

Through a state-of-the-art tool kit, organizations can create custom applications with expense calculators that can speed up the budgeting cycle significantly. Using driver-based allocations and advanced data-entry functions, our customized applications provide users with accurate planning and forecasting capability with audit trail while replacing cumbersome and error-prone excel-based processes.

All-In-One Analytics, Planning, Forecasting and Simulation Processes

In addition to advanced Planning, simulation and versioning procedures allow organizations to become proactive while using rolling forecasts to better align operating units around one corporate strategy.

With the ability to integrate disparate data systems from all departments and control the budgeting process with custom workflows, email alerts, and version locking, will effectively eliminate all but one working document, creating a single version of the truth that is accessible by anyone at any time.

Business Value for the Healthcare Industry


Build custom applications that automate manual and excel-supported budget planning and report generation processes


Maintain an audit trail while producing dynamic rolling forecasts safeguarded by custom workflow processes including submission, acceptance, and cell locking


Easily perform scenario analysis in changing economic or regulatory circumstances to understand how various threats may impact the organization’s ability to deliver on promises


Create reports and dashboards that provide organizational level insights with drill-down to regions/states/provinces, sales territories/sales personnel, departments, or operating units


Integrate with external data sources including accounting systems and other data silos to create a single data repository/warehouse/lake with one version of the truth to use in reporting and analytics


Perform a full consolidation of budgeted financial statements with all necessary eliminations performed within the platform including top side adjustments

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