Executive Compensation

There is Old Adage — You Get What You Pay For!

Although not everyone works purely for monetary benefits, it is proven that aligning managerial incentives to shareholder interests is the key to enterprise success. It is also well known that budget-based profit based incentive systems simply do not work. Worse yet, they make the budget process highly political, time consuming, and have consistently failed to deliver the results demanded by shareholders.

We have a novel and well proven approach to executive compensation; one that is based on the economic value creation (EVC) of the enterprise and is applicable for both privately held and publicly listed enterprises.

By designing value metrics, identifying value drivers, and ensuring that incentives are based on controllable line of sight incentive systems with regular monitoring and reporting, CRGroup has designed customized executive compensation systems that are significantly different and more effective than other incentive design methods.

Executive compensation has evolved, and so has our approach. Our expertise and exceptional understanding of executive compensation will ensure that key executives are properly compensated and rewarded and in line with enterprise vision and strategy.

Our goals is to provide the tools necessary to incentivize and motivate executives to remain focused and create extraordinary and long-term performance.

The Methodology

Beginning with a comprehensive value circle assessment, our aim is to:

  • INFORM by means of detailed executive briefings
  • INSTRUCT with hands-on managerial training
  • INTERPRET by using proven technology and business intelligence data
  • IMPLEMENT using leading-edge tools and techniques, an analytical framework, and a comprehensive communications platform

This methodology not only enables clients to understand how to create economic value, maximize shareholder wealth, and adopt a value-based management philosophy, but also gives executives and managers an understanding of the value drivers critical to their organization, enabling them to link corporate strategies to their own performance and compensation.

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Our Expertise

Led by Dr. Vijay Jog, CRGroup’s team of Business Solutions Consultants lend vast expertise and real-world practicality to help clients solve their unique business challenges. With over 28 years of experience in every industry, we deliver incentive systems that are guaranteed to improve performance. We are confident in our framework and are ready to take performance based engagements. No other consulting firm we know does that. Call us and you will be amazed!