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Confidential Insight provides proven and professional design, execution, and interpretation of best-practice confidential 360° surveys.

The most powerful motivator for improvement comes in the form of honest and constructive feedback.

Whether an organization is aiming to develop leaders, improve employee performance, implement an effective change management strategy, or simply gain valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of operations, 360° reviews are a perfect tool for collecting feedback.

Properly executed 360° surveys can:

  • Identify strengths & weaknesses in key aspects of employee competency & behaviors.
  • Establish a baseline against which future changes/improvements can be measured.
  • Close the gap between an individual’s own perceptions and those of the “raters”.
  • Recommend specific training & learning opportunities needed for individual growth.
  • Help discover & develop your future stars.
  • Drive leadership performance and business success.

“We have turned to Confidential Insight many times over the years to significantly improve our people performance within several areas of our organization. The 360° results offered us deep insight into Senior Executive development, Business Manager succession planning, and new-hire employee satisfaction that would not have been possible without using Confidential Insight.”

– Liz Harrington – The Image Group

Confidentiality is Key

Simply stated, employees will not participate honestly in 360° surveys if they are not completely sure that their confidentiality is protected. Because the objective of administering 360° surveys is to solicit open and honest feedback, maintaining the confidentiality and anonymity of respondents should be of the utmost importance. The only way to ensure absolute confidentiality for both the raters and individuals being rated is to trust the process to a professional third party, such as Confidential Insight.

How it Works:

The process of executing managed 360 surveys is simple and requires very little time and effort on your part. We do the heavy lifting and bring years of experience to the table executing best-practice 360° surveys.

Completely Managed Service:

Confidential Insight provides completely managed 360° surveys to companies of all sizes. We work with you to design your survey questions based on your specific objectives and we manage everything from the survey layout, execution, data collection and reporting, to help interpret the results. Confidential Insight 360° Surveys are administered by us via CRGroup’s powerful online eSurvey™ platform. Survey login details are emailed to respondents and status updates and reminders are managed – guaranteeing that the results are collected properly and on-time.

Guaranteed Confidentiality:

Since the objective of 360° surveys is to solicit open and honest feedback, maintaining the confidentiality and anonymity of respondents is our number one priority. Our experience in managing 360° surveys and our unbiased third-party status guarantees confidentiality and enables respondents to be comfortable and willing to provide their feedback. The importance of confidentiality cannot be overstated. Not only is confidentiality vital from an ethical perspective, to reduce legal challenges, and to secure honest feedback from respondents, but it is also crucial for displaying a company’s commitment to using valid, unbiased data for strengthening processes.

Experienced Insight:

Getting rich feedback is only half of the process. The data collected from 360° reviews are only as useful as how it is interpreted and used for improvement. Our experienced team of consultants transforms 360° survey responses into useful and actionable information. All 360° surveys include a Briefing Book containing results, reports, and experienced interpretations and recommendations. If a company chooses, one-on-one briefing calls and/or meetings can be arranged to provide individuals with even more personal and helpful consulting. These one-on-one meetings have proven to be very useful and successful in the past.

Perfect for any size company:

Confidential Insight has managed 360° Surveys for organizations of all sizes. Some companies want to develop executive leadership skills and thus only a handful of executives and their direct reports are surveyed – other times companies aim to solicit feedback about the performance health of entire departments in which case hundreds of employees are involved. We offer fast turnaround and flexible pricing regardless of the number of surveys being administered and you are in complete control of the questions being asked, the number of subjects and respondents, and our level of involvement interpreting the results.

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Everything you need to know about 360° surveys

Common uses of 360° Surveys


Performance Assessments:

360° surveys allow management to get a complete look at the actual performance status of employees. By polling colleagues, peers, managers, customers, and other organizational members, accurate assessments can be generated and employees can be recognized, developed, and rewarded fairly.

Leadership Development:

The most popular use of 360° surveys is to develop leaders, managers, and executives. 360° surveys are used to highlight “Blind Spots” management and leaders may be suffering from and provides the honest insight needed to reinforce strengths and improve any weak spots.


This type of 360° survey obtains feedback from past and present supervisors in order to identify future stars and candidates for promotion. 360° surveys can highlight the talent pools that exist within the organization so that a company can be prepared for any leadership gaps.

New Hire Feedback:

Newly recruited employees are great sources of feedback related to onboarding practices, overall corporate culture, training and development experience, and a company’s hiring process. 360°’s offer a secure platform for obtaining this essential data from new-hires.

Organizational Change Management:

Using 360° surveys, organizations can solicit honest and valuable feedback about organizational changes that impact employees. This type of survey gives employees a voice in the organization and also helps companies to limit the risks involved with present and future organizational changes.

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