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CRGroup and the Cloud

Since 1989, CRGroup has been delivering expert guidance and leading solutions to help improve business management and performance.

CRGroup will migrate your business applications to the cloud seamlessly. Minimize the amount of IT resources required to run your software.

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What Is Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services—analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web—for moving faster, achieving more, and saving money.


Easily integrates with existing IT environments. Get the best of both worlds.

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Industry -leading protection and privacy of your data with the latest standards.

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Azure’s Pay-as-you-go services can quickly scale up or down to match demands.

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What You Can Achieve with Azure

  • Design and customize dev ops dashboards,
  • Create virtual machines
  • Deploy web and mobile applications
  • Create testing environments and switch to production
  • Automatically scale your web apps
  • Create and manage databases in minutes

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Managed, elastic, scalable building blocks that you can use to create your solution your way today

Microservices Applications

Deliver scalable, reliable applications faster to meet the ever-changing demands of your customers

Business Intelligence

Drive better, faster decision making by analyzing your data for deeper insights.

Big Data & Analytics

Make the most informed decisions possible by analyzing all of the data you need in real time

Data Warehousing

Handle exponential data growth without leaving security, scalability, or analytics behind

SharePoint on Azure

Deploy SharePoint rapidly and scale as needed with a cost-effective infrastructure

Dynamics on Azure

Fuel business growth by bringing together enterprise resource planning (ERP) and cloud services

Data Warehousing

Handle exponential data growth without leaving security, scalability, or analytics behind


Give customers what they want with a personalized, scalable, and secure shopping experience

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