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Active Planning with Workday Adaptive Planning

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The biggest challenge facing organizations today is keeping up, and quickly responding, to change. In a world of constant change, one thing remains constant for finance teams—the need for accurate, agile planning and forecasting. Most finance teams engage in static planning, a process that is not optimized for responding and adapting to change. Static planning is characterized by long planning cycles, short-lived plans, siloed efforts, and lack of time for strategic analyses.

Where a static planning process forces a compromise between getting a plan right and getting it done, active financial planning lets you plan and adapt without compromise. Active planning gives you the power to better manage your business, by analyzing and understanding historical performance to inform and predict future performance. An active planning process is the key to accurate, agile plans that help drive business growth.

Get the Edge Over Your Competitors with Active Planning


Better Visibility

An active planning process provides the transparency necessary for collaborative budgeting and agile financial forecasting. A full audit trail makes it quick and easy to see who made changes to data or reports and when they made them.


Actionable Insights

Self-service reports and dashboards make it easy for finance and even other departments to create reports and pull data without effort. Data visualization lets non-finance users easily see the story the numbers are telling without getting lost in rows of data, while people across the company become more empowered to present and share key financial and operational metrics. The result across the board is a company that makes decisions driven by data.


Better Responsiveness

Active planning allows for continuous budget planning and rolling forecasts no matter how much data you add to the process, allowing you to respond faster to a changing marketplace.


Increased Confidence

With a single source of truth based on comprehensive, fresh data, you’ll get fewer discrepancies while knowing everyone is working with the same numbers.

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As experts in services and technology that enable better business performance, we are pleased to bring you Workday Adaptive Planning®, the market leader in cloud-based budgeting, forecasting, and reporting.

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Cloud-based financial planning software lets you move beyond spreadsheets and streamline your budgeting, forecasting, and planning process.

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Get the insights to make better, faster, more informed business decisions

See how Workday Adaptive Planning can enable active planning to solve your most important FP&A challenges.


Achieve Active Planning Success with Workday Adaptive Planning!

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