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Taymor Industries Obtains Real-Time Business Information for Decision Making by Partnering with CRGroup


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Founded in 1948, Taymor Industries is a leading supplier of Builders’ and Decorative Hardware, providing the construction and home improvement industry with a wide variety of hardware and houseware solutions. As in most industries today, Taymor Industries faced an increasingly competitive environment and increased demand from customers; consequently, the requirement for up-to-date information was intensifying. Taymor Industries needed comprehensive, real-time and up-to-date information about product and customer profitability, inventory and vendor information.

To allow the management team to make faster and more informed decisions to meet the ever-growing demands of the marketplace, they needed access to information that was no more than a day old. Taymor Industries used a legacy system to manage its business: it was cumbersome and took a long time to redesign reports and extract variations of relevant data. The IT group was kept busy with demands for changes to the reports and the report format; additionally, an ad-hoc analysis was difficult since the database of the legacy system was not easily accessible.

The unavailability of accurate and timely information did not just apply to sales and profitability. It was difficult to get such information for inventory and vendor performance.

The Need for a Business Intelligence Solution at Taymor

Taymor Industries was faced with a dilemma. Its decision-makers needed fast, up-to-date, product and customer profitability information that its legacy business system was challenged to provide on a timely and comprehensive basis. While the legacy system kept track of “inputs,” it did not satisfy the business needs of Taymor Industries which required real-time and up-to-date information about product and customer profitability, inventory and vendor performance. Two options were available: invest millions of dollars in a new business system or invest in a cost-effective reporting and analytics solution. Taymor Industries decided to invest in Corporate Renaissance Group (CRGroup) services, business intelligence solution, data warehouse, and Pyramid Solution.

The automated business intelligence solution, created by CRGroup, provides Taymor Industries with seamless analytics, designed using SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SharePoint and leveraging CRGroup’s Pyramid Solution. The CRGroup Pyramid Solution is a tool designed to automatically import data from any data source into a data warehouse.

Taymor’s Journey with CRGroup

Corporate Renaissance Group addressed the challenges of Taymor Industries with a multi-staged approach. CRGroup conducted a storyboard session with senior management to determine their exact needs and to identify the organization’s current pain points. The storyboarding methodology also allowed management to see real examples of the possible end states.

The results of the storyboard sessions were documented. This document was the basis for designing a proof of concept, multi-dimensional cube. The cube was developed using a one month sample of actual data.

The concept was further validated by senior management before the solution was finalized and automated. Additionally, some attributes that were not present in the legacy system master records were added as part of the solution — without having to program the legacy system.

The CRGroup solution freed the IT department from having to generate multiple reports and report formats; the senior management team could obtain all the necessary data in a multi-dimensional cube that could be viewed in Excel or any other OLAP compliant reporting and analytical tool; such as PerformancePoint Services within SharePoint.

The automated business intelligence solution provided the business users at Taymor Industries with seamless analytics, designed using SQL Server, SQL Server Analysis Services technology and leveraging CRGroup’s Pyramid Solutions.

The Technology Used

  • The CRGroup Pyramid Solutions —a tool designed to import data from any source into a data warehouse
  • Microsoft Excel

“The CRGroup solution allows the management team to make strategic decisions with relevant and accurate data; without relying on the IT department.”

– Vivian Zalkow President Taymor Industries


Access to Information

Senior management at Taymor Industries is able to access the most up-to-date, real-time information that they need for decision-making purposes. As well, each member of the management team is presented with the same information, which facilitates the decision-making process.

Consolidation of Data

Consolidating information from the two business systems gives the management team the ability to fully understand sales, logistics and market penetration for decision-making purposes.

Less Reliance on IT

The management team is better able to access and analyze the information without assistance from the IT department. Management also has the ability to change the presentation of the information. The IT department is better able to focus on pursuing further enhancements to the efficient processing and reporting of critical business functions at Taymor Industries.

Ad-hoc Analysis

With the new system, business users are able to conduct ad-hoc analysis in order to make informed decisions. This was virtually impossible with the old legacy system.

“CRGroup didn’t just sell us software. They took the time to truly understand our business and our pain points. As a result, we have a business solution that truly meets our needs for today and the future”

– Vivian Zalkow President Taymor Industries

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