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CoAdvantage Gets a Consolidated Dynamics GP Databases with CRG Company Combiner, Increasing Productivity, Efficiency & Morale



Dynamics GP & CRG Company Combiner

Human Resources

United States


CoAdvantage is a fully integrated human resource solutions provider for small and mid-sized businesses across the United States. Their consultants and specialists manage payroll processing, benefits administration, risk management, and employee development. In 2014, CoAdvantage acquired a number of companies that were later merged into the CoAdvantage brand, resulting in a plethora of databases and accounts. To manage its finances, CoAdvantage was using Microsoft Dynamics GP. Staff accountants were continuously logging in and out several times a day to access and manage the various new companies and their accounts.

CoAdvantage is a portfolio company of Morgan Stanley Global Private Equity that provides human resources solutions to small and mid-sized businesses across the United States. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, CoAdvantage serves approximately 2,500 clients representing more than 45,000 worksite employees across the United States.

By using CRG Company Combiner to consolidate its 54 Microsoft Dynamics™ GP databases, CoAdvantage was able to recover considerable daily operational time from repetitive logging in and out of a multitude of companies in Dynamics GP. They were also able to simplify the process for creating accounts, closing the month-end, and minimizing the time needed to deploy upgrades and patches to their GP system.


CoAdvantage needed to get its Dynamics 365 GP Accounts in order, and they turned to their partner, Integrated Business Group for a recommendation. There, Jeff Petersen, Business Development Manager, recommended CRG Company Combiner™ and Binary Stream‡ MEM as the solution. He contacted the manufacturers of Company Combiner, CRGroup, a Dynamics GP, ISV and VAR since the early 1990s. CRGroup has built more than a dozen add-on solutions used by over 4,000 GP end customers around the world and specializes in delivering complete and coordinated solutions for enterprise resource planning, corporate performance management, business intelligence, financial and costing principles, shared services and employee performance management. It was evident that CoAdvantage needed to reach the root of the problem and solve the issues consistently plaguing their staff.

“It was extremely difficult and time-consuming to add or merge accounts…When it also came time to implement upgrades and patches to our system, the process would take 3 to 4 days.”

– Bobbi Powers-Hey, Sr. Manager of Finance Applications at CoAdvantage


CoAdvantage sought Company Combiner as the proven and repeatable business solution for their common challenge. CRGroup’s methodologies and processes aligned with those of CoAdvantage, ensuring a smooth transition through every phase of the implementation. Despite the time-sensitive nature of the project, CRGroup was able to uphold the timelines and deliver it as scheduled. “CRGroup fulfilled our expectations and met the established guidelines,” said Powers-Hey.

“We knew there was no way to speed it up, but CRGroup made it as quick and painless as possible ensuring we had everything we needed.”

The database consolidation provided enormous value to the accounts payable staff. “Before the implementation, there were more than 300 chequebooks,” mentioned Powers-Hey. In addition to consolidating the databases, CRGroup was able to significantly decrease the number of chequebooks, which was not part of the original plan. CRGroup’s knowledge and experience with consolidating companies made CoAdvantage’s accounting activities more efficient and streamlined.


“Thanks to the great work and flexibility by CRGroup and Company Combiner, we now have a fraction of the original chequebooks to manage in GP, saving us time and effort.”


Regained Valuable Operation Time

By successfully consolidating all of the CoAdvantage databases with Company Combiner, CoAdvantage regained valuable operation time. “After being live for over 9 months, our team has been able to collectively recover between 4-6 days’ worth of time per month,” said Powers-Hey. With eleven people using the system at a time, the numbers were astronomical. “We saw each of our users save anywhere between 15-60 minutes per day.”

Decreased Upgrade Time

In addition to recovering operation time for the accounting staff, CoAdvantage saw a drastic decrease in the amount of time to complete GP upgrades and patches. Instead of interrupting their activities for 3-4 days, CoAdvantage now has the ability to complete the upgrade and patching process in about a day. The approach has become systematic and ensures a streamlined and lean process for the company.

Greater Account Control

The database consolidation brought structure and greater control to the hands of all the staff. Rather than accessing dozens of individual companies to complete transactions, the staff now have full control and access to all accounts with a single login. Information is now centralized in one location allowing for smoother communication, better reporting for all users, more effective data analysis, and better controls.

Increased Staff Morale

CoAdvantage was able to simplify administrative tasks, increase data accuracy, and decrease the chance of errors from re-keying information through the consolidation. The changes brought relief to CoAdvantage’s accounting staff that is now able to focus on more important activities rather than excessive manual and repetitive tasks. The overall improvements have resulted in increased morale among the staff as well as higher levels of productivity.

“Consolidating GP databases is a necessity especially for Microsoft Dynamics GP users that have more than three companies,” said Powers-Hey. “It was hard work, but with the Company Combiner solution and great management style, they were able to keep the project right on track and do a wonderful job.”


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