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Your Dynamics GP System

Are You Ready to SUPERCHARGE Your Dynamics GP System?

Developed using our years of Dynamics consulting and implementation experience, CRGroup Solutions help solve the unique challenges faced by GP users. We help clients operate more efficiently, increase productivity, simplify processes and supercharge the reach of their GP systems.

battery recharging white vector Recharge Your Dynamics GP with these Easy-To-Use Add-Ons

  • Have you outgrown your current chart of accounts?
  • Need to combine multiple companies in Dynamics GP?
  • Want to get more from your investment in GP Analytical Accounting?
  • Looking to save time & reduce administrative tasks in GP?

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Change & Merge in a Flash:

Quickly & easily change, merge & combine GL accounts, vendor/customer ID’s, item, contract or projects #’s to ensure your GP operates at optimal efficiency.

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Beyond Reporting

CRG PA Cubes™ deliver the information contained within your project accounting module in an easy to use drag and drop environment.


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Streamline Sales Order Processing

Merge multiple orders from the same customer into ONE prior to shipping & invoicing with CRG Merger™!


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Rev-Up Your GP AA Module!

Streamline your chart of accounts by changing, merging, or converting segment values and backfilling transaction dimension codes in scheduled batches.

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Easily Combine Multiple GP Companies into ONE with Company Combiner™Easily Combine Multiple GP Companies into ONE with Company Combiner™

  • Save time & reduce GP maintenance
  • Improve reporting
  • NEVER log in and out of multiple GP companies again

“Using company combiner, we were able to consolidate our fifty-four GP databases into one! The change increased daily productivity & reduced our GP maintenance and upgrade time.” – CoAdvantage

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Revitalize Your Account Framework!

CRG Re-formatter is the only tool available that allows you to re-format your GP account framework after initial setup. Modify sorting sizes and lengths for complete control.

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Boost Your Organization’s Financial Planning, Execution & Analysis

CRGroup partners with and develops leading CPM, BI and budgeting solutions to deliver the right system to support your financial efforts.

If you want to learn more about any of our products or want to get started, you can contact us using the form below!

  • Eliminate manual spreadsheet based budgeting
  • Monitor business processes in real-time
  • Increase the accuracy of financial planning
  • Speed up your budgeting cycle
  • Visualize performance & plan effectively
  • Drive better decision making
  • Identify the true cost of business
  • Automate your financial consolidation process

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Affordable, complete, and easy-to-use software for planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, reporting and in-depth analysis; as well as scorecard, dashboard and business intelligence functionalities.

CRG FlexABM logo

Identify true costs with proven enterprise wide activity based costing and management

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Profitability analytics made-easy with efficient multi-level step down cost allocations

Cloud based planning, forecasting reporting & analysis – accessible from anywhere.

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#1 decision making platform for budgeting, business intelligence, CPM & advanced analytics.

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Boost Your Organization’s Financial Planning & Analysis!

Charging battery white vectorEnergize Employee Performance & Engagement with CRG emPerform

Optimize your company’s investment in Talent

Since 2004, CRG emPerform™ has been helping businesses in every industry optimize their investment in talent by automating & streamlining vital performance management activities

Online Appraisals • 360º Reviews • Ongoing Feedback & Check-ins Succession Planning • Pay-for-Performance • Surveys • Reporting Integration with Dynamics GP & AX and more!

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Amplify Your GP Skills

Join us for Controllers Corner – View all the free upcoming sessions devoted to helping Dynamics GP users amp-up their GP skills

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