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Job Invoicing Holdback
for Dynamics 365 Business Central

It’s here! Holdback for job invoicing in Business Central

Easily include holdbacks when you are invoicing or being invoiced for jobs in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

A holdback is a contractual amount of an invoice not paid until the entire job is complete, typically used in the construction, professional services or government industries. Organizations looking to apply holdbacks to invoices or payments will find it impossible to accomplish this natively in Business Central without tedious and error-prone tracking outside of Dynamics. Until now!

CRGroup is pleased to bring you CRG Job Invoicing Holdback for Business Central. Developed using CRGroup’s extensive experience in the Dynamics ERP space, this easy to use add-on will allow you to apply holdbacks in Business Central.

automatically create percentage holdbacks per job which can be applied to payables and/or receivables at the time of invoicing

posted holdbacks are captured in the factbox pane on the job master record with drill-down capability allowing the user visibility into the transactions which created the holdback

holdbacks are released through purchase or sales invoices which reference a unique project dimension code assigned to the job at job setup

PowerApps build on platform

Save Time & Simplify Your Invoicing

CRG Job Invoicing Holdback is the only extension available for Dynamics 365 Business Central that allows for automated holdbacks when invoicing or being invoiced for jobs. Save time, simplify invoicing, and get more from your existing Business Central Jobs setup today! Contact us to learn more.

How it works

Holdback Setup on the Job Master Record

The holdback item field works with sales invoices. The vendor holdback item field works with purchase invoices. Unique project dimension codes must be setup and added to each job to ensure that the holdback flows through to the job and updates the master record. When setting up a new job, activate the holdback customization by selecting the appropriate holdback general ledger account from the drop-down list and entering the percentage holdback amount in the holdback % field. Contact us for support or to learn more.

Hold Back for Business Central

Project Dimension Codes and Dimension Values

By associating a unique project dimension value to a job, it creates the link between the holdback and the specific job it pertains to.

Activate the Holdback on the Job Planning Lines

Activate the holdback to a job planning line by checking the box in the appropriate column. The holdback percentage will automatically feed into the field.

Holdbacks During Invoicing

For example, a 10% holdback amount will be automatically generated as a second line, which offsets the purchase line. Similarly, a 10% holdback amount will be automatically generated as a second line which offsets the sales line.

Factpane Box on the Job Master Record

Added to the bottom of the factpane box is a section for holdback amounts. When a purchase or sales invoice is posted with a holdback, the holdback amounts on the job master record update in the factpane box.

Holdback Release

Releasing a holdback to a vendor or a customer requires that an invoice be generated which references the unique project dimension code setup on the job when the job was created. By referencing the project dimension code, the holdback will be updated on the job master record fact pane.  No need to reference the job number.

Purchase Invoice

Sales Invoice

Job Master Record has been updated to reflect holdback release:

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