Closed loop decision-making for Finance

Analysis, Simulation, Planning, Forecasting and Reporting in a single environment.
By integrating Business Intelligence, CPM and Predictive Analytics in a single product, BOARD offers to the Office of Finance a cutting-edge platform to drive decision-making processes across the whole organization, achieving an enterprise wide view of company performance.

Conceived to ensure extreme agility and full adaptability to any business process, BOARD allows finance teams to easily create unified analysis, planning, forecasting and simulation models, with minimal IT support.

Key Benefits:

  • Single data repository for BI and CPM
    • Any measure, dimension or hierarchy is stored in a central data repository and can be shared by the analysis, forecast and planning processes, ensuring data consistency and enterprise wide visibility.
  • Multidimensional Planning and Analysis
    • Multi-dimensional technology allows users to analyze, plan and forecast while accessing data from different perspectives (e.g. sales per channel, area, distributor) and at different levels of detail.
  • Dynamic Models
    • Advanced users the ability to modify the data model during the planning or forecasting process. A new business unit, a new product, a new market or a different investment can be inserted in a controlled way during a planning cycle, simulating the effect of a new scenario on the whole business model.
  • What-ifs and Scenario Management
    • Simulation capabilities and instant creation of scenarios allow users to easily generate, compare, and analyze alternative options to effectively drive decisions making processes.
  • Advanced data entry
    • From validation rules, to cell locking; from data entry on blocks, to commentary on cells; from data spreading, to driver based allocation, a cutting edge technology to enhance the effectiveness of data-entry processes.
  • Self-service data modelling
    • Fast Track technology allow business users to create analysis and data models from raw data in a matter of seconds and without any help from IT.
  • Self-service reporting
    • An intuitive drag and drop UI allows any users not only to build their own reports on the fly, but also to create customized versions of enterprise reports and to save them in personal environments.
  • Personalized Workflow
    • Integrated and fully customizable workflow management capability, which natively includes conditional alerting and mailing, cell locking and triggered events. Planning steps can be easily created and correlated to approval cycles, accurately reflecting the logic behind the processes.
  • Advanced Office Integration
    • Bilateral Office Integration with Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Users can access data directly through Excel or synchronize Word and PowerPoint document with reports to easily create auto-updating booklets and presentations.
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