Corporate Renaissance Group helps Professional Membership Association Measure Success with Microsoft Dynamics GP


By implementing Microsoft Dynamics® GP for enterprise resource planning, a professional membership association was able to more efficiently and effectively support the increasing complexity of the organization and its programs. The new solution also improved employee satisfaction and empowered decision makers by making the information they need available when they need it, at their fingertips.


The professional membership association was in need of a new accounting system that could adequately support the increasing complexity of the organization.

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”, said the association’s project lead as he explained that the reporting capabilities in the old system were insufficient and sporadic, and the capacity for customization was minimal. What the association needed was a more flexible system that would deliver better reporting abilities and offer a straight-forward experience to end users.


After conducting extensive research into the different ERP solutions available that could sufficiently meet the needs of a mid-sized organization, the decision was made to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP. To assist with the implementation, the association enlisted the expertise of Corporate Renaissance Group (CRGroup).

Within nine months, CRGroup had guided the association through the design and implementation of its Dynamics GP system including a complete restructure of the organization’s chart of accounts to provide a robust reporting capacity.

According to the project lead, the true value that CRGroup offered was their years of experience working with hundreds of clients on Dynamics GP, and their willingness to share their expertise and advice so freely.

“They were not just selling us the product but providing best practices. They wanted to be sure we’d be happy with it months and years down the road,” he explained.


Beyond providing prompt and professional service throughout the implementation of Dynamics GP, CRGroup ensured that the association’s staff were properly trained on the new system. This minimized the impact of the change on the organization and ensured that the benefits of the change would be realized immediately.

“There was a positive response by the staff. They are much happier now that we are on the new system.”

Managers are delighted with the amount of information they are able to access with minimal effort. “We can now easily pull reports within minutes, where before it would have taken hours and would have involved a lot more work.” The real value, beyond the time savings, is in the quality of the information now available at managers’ fingertips. “With Dynamics GP and the new chart of accounts structure, we can now see and understand the full cost of an event, as an example.”

The employees’ confidence grew as they saw the value of engaging CRGroup as a business solutions partner. Since the GP implementation, different teams at the association have enlisted the services of CRGroup, calling on them to assist with a SharePoint upgrade and, separately, to provide server and infrastructure support.

“The relationship has broadened and we continue to appreciate the value they can bring to any business information systems project.”

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“We can now easily pull reports within minutes, where before it would have taken hours and would have involved a lot more work.”

– Project Lead Professional Membership Association

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