Bridging the Gap between Strategy, Data and Decisions: BI Solution Delivers Faster Decisions and Increased Revenue to Biogen Idec Canada


Developing pharmaceutical products and treatments is a far cry from marketing and selling them in a competitive market place. To focus its clients on increasing profitability, Corporate Renaissance Group helps identify and resolve industry challenges such as:

  • new market entrants
  • expiring exclusivity
  • competitive intelligence and market share
  • the shifting balance of prescribing power

Since the decoding of the human genome there has been an industry-wide push for technologies capable of mining, analyzing, and translating newly available and complex scientific data. This development has also contributed to identifying specific therapeutic drug developmental targets. To lessen the number of unsuccessful drugs in the market place, BI technologies, and specifically predictive modeling systems, help validate and identify levers of continued success.

Thanks to a solid understanding of the business challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies, CRGroup began working with Biogen Idec Canada, the Canadian subsidiary of Biogen, a global leader in the discovery, development, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative therapies. Biogen concentrates on creating treatments for diseases with highly unmet treatment needs such as neurology, oncology, and immunology. As with many operations, organizational structure around product and diversity of delivery channels resulted for Biogen Idec Canada in a need for a web-enabled, cost effective, user-friendly information retention and delivery mechanism on key metrics easily available to all members of the senior management team.

This platform was designed to drive effective and efficient business growth as well as to provide current, timely, and accurate information across brands, therapies and customer segments with relevant key metrics to measure its growth or plan new strategies.


With limited resources and ever-increasing needs for the right information at one source point, Biogen was concerned with the time and budget a project of this magnitude might consume. Biogen Idec Canada also wanted to ensure that the information they sought could be seamlessly delivered through a zero footprint centralized portal. In response to these barriers, Corporate Renaissance Group presented a timely and budget-friendly solution focused on Biogen Idec Canada’s business needs. Corporate Renaissance Group recommended Microsoft Performance Point Server as an ideal platform for assisting Biogen Idec Canada in its growth plans. The solution not only centralized key data but, more importantly, it assisted in resolving data quality issues.

Corporate Renaissance Group developed dashboards and analytics for the intuitive users based on the familiar Microsoft platform. In a hosted environment, the web-based dashboard was created to provide all individual members of Biogen Idec Canada’s leadership team with relevant metrics while giving them a 360 degree view of the entire enterprise and its performance.

From this solution forward, decision-makers at Biogen Idec Canada could view immediate report without the assistance of an analyst or IT professional. Leaders gained complete freedom to:

  • analyze information previously limited to database queries and multiple excel worksheets;
  • decipher that data with world-class precision; and,
  • implement decisions that are targeted toward business growth.

This solution further illustrates that once Microsoft automation and standardization workflows have been deployed, companies can leverage data captured by new systems while maximize existing IT investments. These are the benefits of a solution custom-built around the complexity and diversity of particular decision-making needs.

Setting the expectation bar

One important issue around solution delivery is setting realistic expectations. For the most part, clients are unaware of the BI functionality and tools that can be assembled with relative speed and ease. Conveying the capacity of the proposed solutions is always an exercise in overcoming client disbelief. The moment clients realize the new world of analytics that is at their disposal, business vision is transformed into achievable goal-oriented targets.

Corporate Renaissance Group helps clients envision Business Intelligence possibilities by demonstrating an end product solution that has been produced for a previous client. In both explaining what can be accomplished and demonstrating the look and feel of the end product, Corporate Renaissance Group helps clients envision the big picture. The ability to access proprietary data and use it in a meaningful way speaks volumes about potential productivity and efficient decision-making.

One important element of delivery that makes BI solutions so functional is their relevance and usability for all stakeholders. Corporate Renaissance Group does diligence in identifying all possible end-users for whom the solution can be deployed: principal investigators, research directors, and sales representatives are a few of the very different roles a BI solution can serve. Contrary to expectations, an enterprise-level BI solution need not compromise on domain specificity. One solution can deliver vertical-oriented expertise for use by individuals at all positions and departments in an organization. Ultimately, research must not only provide a holistic view of drug development data, but also support different types of end users.

In order to develop end-to-end solutions, Corporate Renaissance Group uses its mastery of Microsoft Performance Point Server and its strong experience addressing business needs. From storyboarding the strategic imperatives and linking them to key metrics to demonstrating successful end-product examples, Corporate Renaissance Group plainly presents an ideal custom solution.



Delivering the final product is always a rewarding experience. First and foremost, the ease-of-use of a web interface requires little to no training. Another great reward is seeing the advanced solution capabilities in action. In the case of Biogen Idec Canada, a well-defined balanced scorecard and a set of level-one metrics increased the confidence of leaders thanks to the quality and timeliness of accessed data. Accessing accurate data at anytime from anywhere irrespective of source systems improved Biogen Idec Canada’s ability to efficiently and effectively drive business growth.

Biogen Idec Canada management could now see company-wide data in a single and accurate point of information and understanding. The new enterprise-class BI solution also delivered a common underlying architecture and end-user interface that integrated data from different research and clinical laboratories.

The solution implemented for Biogen Idec Canada by Corporate Renaissance Group brought with it renewed focus to the leadership team. In particular, making fact-based decisions eliminated additional low-value work.

Biogen IDEC Canada

Corporate Renaissance Group helps clients envision Business Intelligence possibilities by demonstrating an end product solution that has been produced for a previous client. In both explaining what can be accomplished and demonstrating the look and feel of the end product, Corporate Renaissance Group helps clients envision the big picture.

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