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CRG Cost Allocator™ is a flexible and efficient costing application that performs multi-level step-down cost allocations by percentage, fixed value, cost drivers, or balances in other accounts to determine true costs and profitability. It automatically connects to various General Ledgers and creates journal entries.

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics LogoCost Allocator is certified for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Flexible Functionality:

  • Multi-level, step-down allocation process

  • Cross department, cross company cost allocation

  • Cost attribution by percentage, fixed value, cost drivers, or balances in other accounts

  • Copy data and allocation to other periods

  • Dynamic account searching and filtering

  • Full audit trail and user friendly reports

  • Import/Export wizard

  • User defined security

  • Point and click, drag and drop functionality

Flexible Functionality:

  • Determine profitability

  • Perform budget allocations

  • Facilitate strategic decision making, financial planning and business process improvements

  • Create reports

  • Identify “true” costs

Understanding True Profitability Has Never Been So Simple!

With Cost Allocator, you will have the capability of monitoring the full costs against budgets right at the departmental account level.

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